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Marketing your holiday home

A strong web presence is the key driver for any property rentals business. Websites must provide easy access to information and a simple booking system 24/7.

At Relaxaway we know this and ensure that your property gets noticed.

 Your property will be featured on our state-of-the-art purpose built website, www.relaxaway.co.nz

Visitors to the site will be walked through the quality they can expect from a Relaxaway holiday home, so can book with confidence. Our website is specially designed to convey the high standards of style and presentation of Relaxaway holiday homes, and provide a pleasant experience for visitors. The site receives extensive traffic due to our specialised optimisation ensuring we appear near the top of searches, and also via links from other relevant sites.

 www.relaxaway.co.nz also provides special features to make the visitor experience easy and smooth, including:

Marketing your Queenstown holiday home - imagery is keyComprehensive photographic coverage of your property showing it to best advantage. The images used will be the key to keeping a visitor’s interest. We will use a professional photographer to take the shots, and special software to refine the images and make sure they ‘jump out’ at prospective guests

  • Extensive search criteria to enable clients to look only at properties relevant to their needs
  • Shortlist functionality for quick reference
  • Professionally written copy describing your home’s finest attributes
  • A printable brochure for each home
  • Electronic mapping of the property
  • Customer reviews
  • A video tour of the property (optional)