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Web advertising and bookings

We also list your property on multiple portal websites. We are constantly monitoring web booking Web marketing for holiday homesactivity and will keep your home on the sites that are driving the most traffic and generating the bookings you need.

These websites fall into two types:

1) Firstly the major portals where there is a charge to have your home listed. These include:


The charges on these websites can appear high, but with our volume we receive a discount and this is passed straight on, to make your costs as low as possible.

We recommend all properties list on these sites as they are heavily used by international and domestic travellers looking for short term accommodation.

2) The second portal group is the key sites where listing is free however a booking commission is taken by the site, generally 10 to 12% on any booking. Again we will negotiate the lowest rates we can on your behalf. These sites include


Relax away manage these sites and keep them up to date to prevent double bookings and ensure rates are always current. Part of our management process is constantly reviewing the market to ensure the rate is appropriate for the time of year, market capacity and demand to ensure you receive the maximum occupancy and the highest nightly rate achievable.