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Boost your Queenstown holiday home appeal

Working closely with our Relaxaway property owners, we’ve experienced first-hand how making small changes to your home can really boost appeal to holidaymakers and enhance their enjoyment in your Queenstown holiday home. We’ve compiled a few ways you can improve the exterior of your property and stand out from the crowd in Queenstown’s competitive market.

Numbers, knobs and knockers

With programmes such as Grand Designs becoming mainstream, there is a growing architectural awareness and appreciation for the finer details of a house. Hardware companies have responded to this demand with bespoke house numbers, a more extensive range of front door handles, and knockers for the more traditional homes. Large house numbers are trending; as an added bonus, they also make it easier for people to find your property.

Modernise your mailbox

The mailbox is often the first thing people see when they arrive at your holiday house. Whether the mailbox is rustic and charming, or minimalist, it’s essential to consider whether it suits the style of the property and home as a whole.

A splash of paint

You don’t have to repaint your whole house for it to look refreshed. Focus on accent areas, touch up the paint on the trim, or try a new colour. How about a new front door? Or maybe paint the old one. Often forgotten about, should you replace the guttering or spouting, or refresh with a lick of paint, and how about a contrast colour for that modern feel.

A good clean

A thorough outside clean makes a world of difference, especially in winter. Get someone in or dedicate a weekend to it. Sweep up the leaves, blast the driveway or path, brush away the cobwebs, clear the gutters, so they’re not spilling or dripping, and clean the windows inside and out.

Lights and outdoor living

Upgrade your outside lights to create a stylish ambience. Make the change to LEDs and consider how best to welcome people as they approach the front door. You may even want to light the property number, so it’s easy to find in the dark, plus any steps, to keep things safe. Also, consider any outdoor living spaces, especially if they can be seen from the road. Keep the décor neutral, with pops of colour by way of cushions and throws, and lighting (and maybe heating) so that everyone can relax into those starry Queenstown nights.

Plan for plants

To really stand out, how about planting a feature tree when the ground warms up – perhaps a cherry blossom or magnolia, something with a wow factor. Or maybe focus on seasonal touches that need little work – a container of daffodils in early spring, or a Christmas wreath on the door over the holiday season.

Whatever your preference, there’s always something you can do to enhance your investment and the enjoyment of your guests; we notice the little things after all, especially on our holidays. The team at Relaxaway have a wealth of experience with bringing out the best in Queenstown holiday homes. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like advice on how to enhance your holiday house.