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How to choose your Queenstown accommodation

It’s a big decision, and with so many properties to choose from, there’s more to consider than simply booking through a reputable website or recommended property management company. It has to be right for you. Here are some of the things we at Relaxaway believe you should consider when narrowing down your selection.


When choosing your Queenstown accommodation, it’s worth considering whereabouts in Queenstown you’d like to stay. There are options aplenty, so what matters most to you? Close to the town centre is fantastic for restaurants, shops and strolling around the lakefront. The area between Queenstown and Frankton has amazing views, whilst Frankton itself is a thriving retail hub and is closer to skifields. Look towards Arrowtown for a more tranquil, rural stay, or Jack’s Point for elegance, privacy and a golf course almost on your doorstep. Kelvin Heights offers unrivalled sunshine and beautiful lakeviews.

Inside the property

So, what are you looking for inside a property? Do you love to cook? Many Queenstown holiday homes have fully-equipped modern kitchens with all the latest appliances. Or is your focus on waking up to a stunning view from the bedroom window? Maybe you’re on a more social visit, so open plan living and a deck with BBQ for entertaining is more your thing. Or, perhaps your focus is on your family, with great facilities for the kids – or outdoor activities where you need a boot or drying room? It’s not just about having a good night’s sleep, what else do you need?

Parking and transport

Always consider what parking facilities are available at the property you intend to stay at. If you’re hiring a car, look for off-street parking or a garage, but also check out the driveway from the photographs – some Queenstown properties can be on very steep hills, so make sure you’re comfortable with that. Alternatively, go green with local transport (we have an awesome $2 bus network), cycling, e-biking or walking – there are several bus routes, a cycle path around the lake, and walking is always a wonder, from the lake views to the variety of houses and gardens you may walk past on your way into town.


Have a good look at the photos for the Queenstown accommodation you’re considering – is it in a high density area with lots of homes close together, or is it in a secluded location? Does the balcony stand out over the hill, giving you total privacy from the houses below, or does it have a nice back garden or decking area where you can read a book or sunbathe in peace? Look for venues in the local area where there might be events on, this could be great if you want to attend, but potentially noisy if you don’t! Most properties have some element of privacy built in, have a good look to make sure you’re comfortable with what’s on offer.


What do you really want to pay? Is it worth paying a little bit more for those stunning views that Queenstown is famous for? Or maybe a little less and that money can go on activities instead. Your holiday is special, so balance up what works for you, in Queenstown there is something for everyone.


So, whether you’re looking for sun or snow, social or peaceful, shops or retreat, you’ll find it in Queenstown. If you have any questions we’d be happy to assist you, so drop us a line, and we hope to see you in our thriving alpine town soon.