Property custodians

Property custodians

Protecting your asset

Peace of mind is a priority for property owners. For many, an investment property is one of the biggest assets they’ll own, whether it’s for enjoyable family getaways, holiday letting or simply caring for a much-loved vacant home with an eye to the future. Maintaining that asset is essential to retaining its value over time. The property market shows consistent growth despite changing economic cycles, so ensuring that your capital gains are not eroded by poor property maintenance is essential.

For properties utilising our holiday letting service, talk to us about the level of custodial care you’d like for vacant time in-between guests. Owners opting to retain their holiday home for their own private use can select from our menu of services to suit your needs, including pro-active maintenance such as gutter cleaning, fire and heat pump servicing and garden maintenance.

Relationships matter

Our experienced team all have a wealth of experience in property management and strive to exceed owner expectations with our pro-active, tailored service. Relaxaway offer an eye for detail alongside our established contractor relationships, ensuring the right people are available at all times to keep your property looking and operating as it should.

The personal approach

Relaxaway custodial services are specifically tailored to your personal requirements. Before presenting you with a quote, we’ll discuss what your priorities are and how we can ensure we achieve them. Services range from a monthly wellbeing check all the way through to comprehensive management of the property in your absence and in preparation for your visit. Areas of discussion will include:

  • Maintenance and appropriate budget
  • Security checks
  • Cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Pest control
  • Gardening
  • Appliance/smoke alarm testing
  • Pro-active work to retain the value of your asset
  • Owner preparation services (linen, fridge-filling, concierge services)

Fees will depend on your requirements and will take into account the size of the property and the level at which you wish to commit.

Get in touch for more information and a confidential chat about your Queenstown property.