Small steps, big impact...


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Tourism has the capacity to be a powerful force for change, but it requires bold and considered action. Relaxaway are proud to be part of the solution.

We inspire and invite our visitors to learn about our collective ambition and join the mission. We ask visitors to travel responsibly and care for our environment while they are enjoying our beautiful country. We ask that they connect with our people, embrace our local communities, and show their love for Queenstown 


What we’re doing

Relaxaway Holiday Homes are committed to prioritising sustainable practices and implementing eco conscious decision making in the management of our holiday homes. We’ve implemented key initiatives and introduced eco friendly amenities in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Rather than washing towels and linen daily, we provide our guests with an ample supply for the duration of their stay. This enables us to minimise water consumption and reduce energy required for laundering without compromising the comfort of our guests.

Additionally, we prioritise waste management and recycling initiatives by encouraging our guests to minimise waste throughout their stay and utilise recycling facilities available at all properties. We educate guests about what can be recycled through our digital guest books and provide guidelines to ensure the proper sorting of waste is conducted.

To reduce waste one step further, we have implemented measures to remove single-use plastic items from our holiday homes. We have replaced disposable amenities with refillable dispensers, Nespresso Capsules with home compostable coffee capsules and converted to eco friendly and recyclable cleaning products thus reducing the amount of plastic waste generated.


Products and initiatives include:


Balancing sustainability and safety

Relaxaway recognise that travellers may be returning, but they’re coming back with new and different priorities. Meeting the demand for greater safety and hygiene measures while also operating more sustainably requires creative thinking but Relaxaway are not afraid to implement measures contributing toward a healthier future.